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WordPress Instructions Platform

Deploying a new website is a stressful process. And then come the client calls.

Imagine if those calls could be prevented?

You’re doing what you’re being paid for instead of spending time on the phone going over the same old stuff.

When you deploy a new website, you’re bound to get loads of calls. How to do X? Where is Y? We can prevent those calls and get you back to work producing websites.

Introducing WP Instructions

We have an idea for a new WordPress plugin that helps you deliver WordPress websites to your customers and lets them learn and understand how to use their new site!

WP Instructions will prevent phone calls, giving you time to build great websites and give the owner the tools they need to manage their site like a pro.

And don’t forget, if that site is a success then you’re a success too!

It might include features like:

Customised Documentation

Imagine being able to deliver custom documentation right in the WordPress admin panel. Well that’s exactly how it works!

Standard Documentation

The platform would come with a set of documentation for the standard features of WordPress right from the outset. So we’ve got all the standard, out of the box, functionality covered!

Tell me what you think?

Do you think that could be useful to you and your customers?